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Building employee commitment plays a significant role in achieving higher performance and organizational effectiveness. Key to developing this commitment is the skills of effective coaching and mentoring. Superior Coaching and Mentoring skills is one leadership trait that managers and supervisors could use to establish the propensity for better teamwork. This workshop looks at the challenges leaders of the 21st century face in managing a productive team and relating to his or her co-workers. Ultimately, this workshops is designed to bring out the best in you to become a successful leader - one who achieves organisational goals within a framework of strong positive team leadership.

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A manager’s job is complex, sometimes daunting; often challenging. It comprises of many functions, all of which must be performed well for the manager to be effective. Yet, rarely, if ever, since human civilization has the role of the manager remained constant. Many of today’s challenges are unlike those of yesterday. The focus of this workshop is on these challenges and how we can adapt to maintain effective managerial performance. Key to the role of the manager is each of the major managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. As a subset of these, the workshop will also explore other important managerial skills and processes such as effective communication skills, managerial decision making and challenges in the 21st century.

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Effective supervision depends on developing the essential cornerstones of trust, competence, shared-values and respect. To some, these are often mundane and surprisingly simple to achieve. To others, trusting others more whole-heartedly is a challenge.

The role of a supervisor is a very varied one. Often sandwiched between a boss (or two) at the top, and a group of subordinates below, the supervisor plays a vital role in helping an organisation achieve its objectives. Within this context, a supervisor is a leader. Good leadership is active and dynamic, helping the team move forward; but at the same time, maintain a fine balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive guide on becoming A Competent Supervisor. While the use of theories and guidelines are essential in such a workshop, emphasis is also given to case studies and group discussions.

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Playing games reinforces learning. While some may dismiss this statement as frivolous, many trainers and participants alike have found that games are one of the most powerful and successful ways to reinforce learning, be it for adults or children.

“The idea of embedding academic learning in an entertaining format is centuries old, because it works,” says Eric Jensen in his book The Learning Brain. “Creative presentations afford the opportunity for students to reach social, artistic and emotional goals. But more important is the fact that in these contexts, learning becomes more enjoyable. Learners exercise choice and creativity, and there is minimum negative pressure.”

Making Training Fun is a hands-on workshop that guides you through a series of games that can be used in your corporate training. From simple easy-to-implement ice breakers, to elaborate creativity-empowered exercises that guide participants to their learning points, Making Training Fun is a priceless trainers’ tool box that help increase learning retention and improve the overall attitude about training. In short, attendance goes up, and people talk about your training long after it’s over.

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“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him a lifetime.”

A new-world manager’s role goes beyond supervision and management of subordinates. As we move into a ‘learning environment’, a manager plays an increasing role in teaching and sharing his knowledge and skills to co-workers. Training skills thus become an important asset. The understanding of adult learning and personality traits becomes an important tool in developing your staff and maximizing their potentials. Application of different training methodologies for different staff and different types of learning activities help to enhance learning. Ultimately, a manager skilled in training and developing his staff maintains a more productive workforce.

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There are two major components in a business transaction. One is the customer; the other is the product. If you take care of the customer, they will come back. If you take care of the product, it does not come back. Product quality is often manageable. It can be controlled by using a certain desirable quality of raw material; the manufacturing process; and technological superiority.

Service quality is much more than that. It involves the mystery of human attitudes – both that of the customer, and the service provider. It is a combination of tangible and intangible expectations. Service quality, whether it is for a customer buying a $5,000 holiday trip for his family or a customer buying a $4.50 black-current cake, must be consistent – for the man who just bought the $4.50 cake could have just returned from a $5,000 holiday!

Service is a Habit is a high energy, interactive workshop designed to provide participants opportunities for self-discovering benefits and expectations of excellent service. Participants will learn skills and knowledge that will help them achieve peak performance in customer service. And these performance must come from a mindset oriented towards drive, passion and commitment. In short, Service is a Habit.

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The greatest resource we have today is the human resource. We do not need different people. We do need to help these people that we already have to be more effective. This is the challenge that faces us today. And this is the challenge that THE MAGIC OF ATTITUDES is structured to meet.

Harvard psychologist, Prof. William James, said that the average man uses only about 10% of his talent potentials. Can we then tap into the 90% that is hidden within each of us? However, just as

You cannot read a book,
thread a needle,
or admire a painting in a dark room;
You cannot achieve, grow and succeed
with a mind darken with limitations,
fears and other negative thoughts.

THE MAGIC OF ATTITUDES is a way of turning on a light in the dark room. This workshop helps you discover how best you can have a positive mind; a positive outlook. A positive thinking to welcome each day with interest and zest, a new experience. It guides you in analysing your strengths and weaknesses and how to make the best of them, develop self-confidence and gain control and mastery over your thoughts. It is like becoming a new person.

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The ability to speak well infront of an audience has always been a challenge to many. Yet, undeniably, this ability is a crucial competency in becoming a highly effective person.
Speaking Effectively: To One or One Thousand helps you captivate, conquer and convince your audience. Learn the basic do’s and don’t’s on the use of microphones; familiarize yourself with body language that “speaks louder than words”; and use vocal variety for maximum impact.
Speaking Effectively: To One or One Thousand is a quick-fix programme designed to prime you for peak performance in your public speaking skills. 
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